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Syptec has invested in premium space to ensure data center integrity and security. To ensure compliance and mitigate risk Syptec uses its own network, own IP space and own AS Number and leverage it to provide its customers with an incredible package. Syptec has a many-sites operating. Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Miami, Bluff-dale , Phoenix, Chicago, Las Vegas, Guadalajara, Tijuana, New Jersey and Philadelphia!

Syptec follows the POP philosophy. We take Tier 1 aggregate carriers and Tier 1 Colo Hotels and bring them together. We maintain transparency in our services and you can monitor Syptec data center performance on various parameters and its infrastructure strength by accessing a reputed 3rd party agency HERE. Syptec offers cloud services, virtualized servers & solutions, virtualized design, ESXI hosting, and a plethora of virtual solutions. Syptec also leverages it’s own unique BGP footprint to allow seamless disaster recovery and 100% guaranteed SLA. We can design, host, and deploy your virtual solution. In house we leverage solutions from VMware, Microsoft, Linux, Unix , freeBSD, open BSD, and many others. We also offer dedicated server hosting including hardware starting at $99 monthly. Contact us today to get your project rolling.

Support and Staff

Our personnel have a very Customer-centeric attitude and the entire Syptec systems are built around this core philosophy of keeping customers first. People, Processes and lot of planning has gone into making Syptec nimble to meet changing client requirements or any shifts in technology. Catering to small start-up to large corporations by offering options from a single standard cabinet VPS to high-power density cabinets, large cages or private suites effortlessly across various geographical locations Our experienced Syptec staff is committed to prompt response and provide accurate and customized guidance based on your unique business situation and technology requirements.

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Our systems are fully redundant which means that our SLA is available 100% of the time!

Our Company

Syptec is a company that excels at Virtualization. Powerful SANs, HP Server farms and the latest in Netgear switching at the edge.

Syptec uses the latest from VMWare, free BSD, freeNAS, and more! Syptec has a powerhouse for Colo as well.

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